Do you have a large or small company and need help growing it faster, or increasing innovation strength....

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The Westtech Management Consulting™ LLC team has over 75 years of combined experience at large companies as well as over a dozen startups. We are very good helping companies think outside-the-box. Experience ranges from semiconductor microchips to consumer system products to the world's fastest supercomputer system, from system architecture to microchip physical design & manufacturing, from electronics to mechanical design, and from building successful teams to execution management and customer delivery. Grow your company edge with new ideas from Westtech Management Consulting's many years of senior level experience in management, marketing, and technical innovation leadership.

Westtech Management Consulting LLC specializes in helping develop and grow companies in the following markets consumer electronics & systems, video products, computing products, metaverse, virtual reality, augmented reality, extended reality, traditional & virtual movie & TV production, crypto, and marketing & advertising. Westtech Managment Consulting has access to a lot of advanced new technolgies most people have never seen before.


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