Consulting Capabilities:

Technology Development

Westtech Management Consulting (WMChas significant technical capabilities particularly around semiconductor design and development, productization, various EDA technologies, system architecture, and microarchitecture and building associated technical roadmaps.

Fund Raising

Venture Capital: WMC staff have worked with various venture capital companies to help get funding for clients. Services range from helping put together the teaser and pitch collaterals needed for deal or no deal tours, and then conducting tours.

Grant Applications: WMC has written grant applications for customers that needed the support.


Market Readiness: Its very common that startup companies need help tuning their messaging to create very concise statements about their identity which helps attract the desired customers. Also challenging are developing concise messages about their product descriptions and benefits, and associated brief elevator pitches. Another critical area is to determine if the companies offering has sufficient market completeness and value proposition to be successful, or does other technology need to be attained through partners or other supply chain to create a complete offering.

Marketing Collaterals: WMC has expertise in a wide range of media. Examples of collaters developed for clients include sales presentations, fliers, web pages, brochures, sales training kits, training videos, white papers. And modification of the above for specific customer or target markets.

Business collaterals: Companies seting up business for the first time need a whole set of collaterals to support basic business processes. Examples of collaterals that have been developed for specific customers include Request for Quotation documents, Quotation capability, Statement of Work (SOW), Prelegal term sheets and prelegal contract drafting for specific market segments and customers.

Market Acceptance Testing: Once candidate target market segments are identified, it is critical to determine the following to enable the most focused marketing development. Which segment will offer the most short-term cash flow? Which segment will offer the most long term business growth that the company has a compelling solution and amassed a sufficiently complete solution? Customer tours are setup to collect feedback in the identified candidate target market segments.

Setup or perform speaking and representation engagements: WMC staff have extensive experience writing and giving talks for conferences, keynotes, workshops, etc

Workshops and public events for sales promotion: These types of events can be valuable for targeting a specific city where there are a lot of potential customers.

Pitches & Talks for investor tours:

Program Management:

WMC staff have extensive experience in project tracking, sales funnel tracking and statistics, and customer status tracking

Sales Representation

WMC staff has the technical expertise and personal interface to conduct effective Customer visits, pitches, specific account management, follow-up. In addition, WMC staff have expertise for doing Customer qualification research.

Business Development

WMC staff have amassed contacts with many key industry players which can accellerate building relationships with supplies and customers. WMC has helped small companies to connect with fortune 500 companies for both obtaining IP and for getting customer business.

Partners, supply chain, and ecosystem: WMC staff have worked with a good percentage of semiconductor industry supplychain suppliers and can accellerate getting a supply chain or ecosystem in place.

Customer collaboration: It becomes a business turbocharging effect when customers become not just a customer that you sell to, but, become a collaborating partner which shares their future roadmaps and needs and enables the client company to align their roadmaps with key customers needs.



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