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Westtech Management Consulting services range from helping develop various technical capabilities to fund raising with venture capital companies, business plans, developing marketing colaterals, strategic marketing, market acceptance testing, sales training collaterals, contract support, sales representation, and business development work developing critical ecosystem supply partners and customer collaboration.

Westtech Management Consulting™ pricing is flexible and compatible with startup budgets. It looks for clients that have a unique and compeling technology in their market space.

Mr. Peterson:

Mr. Peterson has 47+ years of high-tech industry leadership experience. He is currently CEO and founder of VIZN™ Gaming Corporation (www.VIZNgaming.com), Aurra™ Corporation (www.aurra.biz) and VEFXi™ Corporation (www.VEFXi.com). He is an eight-time serial entrepreneur with 29-years Intel Corporation innovation and management experience driving high-speed computing including 3 processor designs & deployments, 8 generations of chipsets, and three successful internal startups, two of them were DARPA funded. At Intel, many that worked with him considered him one of the handful of visionaries that worked there over the years. He is an inventor on dozens of patents. He was an "Intel Achievement Award" winner at Intel, Intel's highest award for innovation of disruptive new design methodologies. He has notably disruptively changed whole industries three times previously during his career, and his new companies each will achieve the same. Mr. Peterson has a proven innovation track record and has broad, deep, and adaptive skills serving multiple times as Founder, CEO, CTO, General Manager, and additionally as VP of Business Development, etc.. Mr. Peterson held a two-year visiting professorship at Peking University Graduate School in Shenzhen (considered a worldwide upper echelon university). Mr. Peterson has been a respected speaker for many years on a wide range of high-tech industry topics.

In one, he developed the world's fastest supercomputer with $70M DARPA funding which changed the direction of the entire supercomputer industry in how supercomputers were built. This established the core team of Intel's now third-largest business, the Enterprise Business.

Mr. Peterson created two successful startups in China which became leaders in their respective markets, and he developed three more startups in the US all which have spectacular technology advancements beyond their respective industries. Mr. Peterson has been an industry speaker on a range of new technology trends.

Virtually every digital electronics device on the planet contains things he has invented. Mr. Peterson has broad and deep strengths from microchips to the world's fastest supercomputer, from system architecture to microchip physical design & manufacturing, from electronics to mechanical design, and from building successful teams to execution management and customer delivery.

The following are Mr. Peterson's current sixth, seventh, and eighth high-tech startups:

VEFXi Corporation developed a new type of A.I. Neural-Net-based specialized video processing which real-time converts any 2D video, movies, advertising, sports feeds, entertainment, conferencing, etc. into any type of 3D such as no-glasses 3D, VR, AR, metaverse, or stereo 3D.

Aurra Corporation has two product lines:

1) Large-scale no-glasses 3D LED walls called HologramWall™s which can create a full 3D field extending 8ft to 12ft in front of the HologramWall. And it can do this from ordinary 2D content in real-time using a VEFXi superconverter card. No special 3D content is needed. It can put a solid-looking avatar in a room interacting with people in the room and

2) A product-line of the world's largest and most advanced virtual production studio chambers for making TV shows and movies with up to 90% reduction in cost, and reduced schedule, and carbon footprint). They can optionally be instrumented to virtualize the physical stage and actors such that once a movie is produced, it can quickly be turned into a metaverse movie or a video game of the movie. This dramatically enables more revenue from the same produced content when a video game of a movie is introduced at the same time as the movie, and since video games generate more revenue that movies, TV, music, and books combined today.

VIZN Gaming Corporation developed technology demonstrations of their UltraVR™ product line which turns the last 30 years of video games and metaverses today into 360 3D VR that is a decade ahead of the best VR technology today in visual experience with 8X more visual detail and resolution than is even possible with conventional VR technology today. It is a whole new approach to VR they call VR 2.0. Combined with VIZN Gamings Metaverse Classroom app, some think it will be the next generation educational platform where students and teacher interact together inside a VR video game learning experience with all the power of a video game. Once VIZN Gaming's UltraVR successfully gets into the market, VIZN Gaming will follow UltraVR with a line of holographic no-glasses 3D gaming monitors that work with any conventional 2D video game and a consumer holographic no-glasses 3D TV line that creates this effect from ordinary 2D TV programming, real-time internet video, or conventional video gaming. A working prototype can be seen in their headquarters currently.

Each has working technology that is well ahead of their respective industries.

Mr. Peterson received the Ordo Honoris Award in 2022 for life-time achievement from his university fraternity, Kappa Delta Rho, and has been nominated for the "Technology CEO of the Year 2024" award by AI Global Media, Ltd in the UK.

Mr. Traina:

Mr. Lorenzo has 27 years of high-tech industry leadership experience and is arguably one of the top strategic sales and marketing visionaries in the world. He is currently CEO of Tharsel Studios™, and Tharsel Entertainment™, and Chief Marketing Office of VIZN™ Gaming Corporation (www.VIZNgaming.com), Aurra™ Corporation (www.aurra.biz) and VEFXi™ Corporation (www.VEFXi.com).

He is a 6-time high-tech entrepreneur all in the video, video gaming, and video entertainment markets. He previously was the Director of Sales and Marketing for the first no-glasses 3D display companies in the US market. Mr. Traina was the Vice President of Purchasing and Marketing for Custom Installation and Home Theater at Datavision Corporation in New York City.

He previously held senior management positions with Apple Computer, Best Buy, and served in the US Military. He is an expert in many industries including video entertainment, movie and TV production and promotions, video gaming, VR, and digital signage.

He has a high degree of expertise in business acumen, customer support, strategic innovation, pop culture, music, and sports. He has a near photographic memory and can give backgrounds and statistics for most actors and professional sports teams and players.

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