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Craig Peterson - Managing Director

Mr. Peterson specializes in developing and growing new businesses, and technologies. During the last 3 years, Mr Peterson has owned operated Westtech Management and contributed significant expertise and execution to help bring up and develop small companies in Shanghai China, East & West Coast US, and the UK.

Previously he was a 29 year Intel veteran where he spent the last two thirds of that time founding and developing new internal businesses and technologies and teams for Intel. There he was most recently the GM and co-founder of Intel Microelectronics Services and co-founder of two previous Intel businesses, one of which became the original core team of Intel¡¯s third largest business unit. He was a prolific design & development leader of many generations of advanced and low cost semiconductor products including 3 microprocessors and 8 generations of communication or computation chipsets. He¡¯s been a highly quoted industry speaker in industry journals on deep submicron process design challenges. Mr. Peterson has been an invited speaker to technology forums in many industry companies, and government forums. He was a former Intel Technology Director & visionary driving dramatic shift in Intel design methodology to cell-based methods across the six Microprocessor Product Group Divisions. Earlier, he was a program founder & co-inventor of world¡¯s first supercomputer to win the world race to break the sustained TeraFLOPS computation barrier. This established the core team and technology for Intel¡¯s Enterprise Component Business. BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering 1974. Mr Peterson also sits on the BOD of a Taiwanese manufacturing company.

Rich Smith - Sales, Business Development, & Program Management

Mr. Smith is a sales and business development consultant for global technology start-ups, semiconductor providers, and industrial manufacturers. Mr. Smith was an eight-year Intel veteran where he held various management positions, most recently in Intel Capital where he helped to incubate several successful businesses. Prior to Intel, Mr. Smith held management positions at Cummins Engine Company, General Electric Corporation, and the United States Army.

Mr. Smith has served on the Board of Directors of Raining Data Corporation since August 2005 (RDTA on the NASDAQ). Raining Data offers an XML-enabled database management system designed to radically change the manner in which data is accessed, delivered and consumed within the highly complex and dynamic world of service oriented architectures. Mr. Smith is also on the company¡¯s Audit Committee.

Mr. Smith received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point a Masters of Business Administration from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia.

Allan Morrison - ALMOR Sales & Consulting LLC

Mr. Morrison has an extensive 36 years Semiconductor experience, with 16 years as the VP of the MS Foundry Business unit at AMI Semiconductor where he managed ~ $1.3B of Sales and P&L over the 16 years achieving greater than 25% operating margin. Prior 20 years were in semiconductor Marketing and Manufacturing. He has a strong knowledge of the Semiconductor Cycles and issues, the Fabless model and the IDM market place. In depth understanding of market share and growth drivers, as well as competitive issues in the Foundry Market place of ~ $100B. Experienced in the IPO process and the associated business issues as a key participant in 2003, AMIS IPO of $1.2B as the MS Foundry Business Unit was one of three AMIS business units during the IPO.

Novemeber, 2006 Current status: Retired from AMIS in May, 2006 and am now a independent Sales and Consulting Rep under the name of ALMOR Sales & Consulting LLC. I currently have 6 companies under various Rep agreements. Additionally, Mr. Morrison is associated with the Gerson Lehrman Group (www.thecouncils.com) as a semiconductor consultant for their clients on request as well as Independent consultant for Design companies, Foundries and Fabless customers.

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